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Glen's Ranma  Page

Ranma Saotome Shampoo Kodachi Kuno Akane Tendo Ukyo Kuonji

This page has been visited times since April 20th, 1998.

New Stuff

It has been 8 years since I last updated and about 12 years since I decided to make my first website dedicated to the very first series that got me hooked in watching Japanese Animation.

I am still amazed that people still visit this out-dated web page of mine and even more amazed/thankful that Tripod/Lycos is still hosting this over the years. Anime has come a long way since the Ranma days. Since then, VHS was replaced by DVD. Now, DVD is being replaced by the very awesome Bluray. Anime is now available on cable TV or via online services like Netflix or Hulu. I am also very thankful for my broadband service. I could not imagine trying to download anything using a dialup connection.

With everything, all good things must come to an end sooner or later. Who knows how long this page will remain on the internet? For posterity's sake, I will leave this page untouched, much like a time capsule, to remind us how things were in the past and to see how far we have advanced since then.

Old News

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